About Me

Hello, nice to meet you. 😊

I am a concept artist and graphic design major who does commissions on the side.

If you have any questions for me you can send them via email or Discord.

Mail: vol.design@outlook.com
Discord: vol#3244

Commission Info

Before you order, make sure that you have read my terms of service found here.

Each extra character will be an additional 80% of the original price.

The final price may vary depending on complexity.

If you have a large inquiry or want to use the artwork for commercial use, contact me with the full details at vol.design@outlook.com.

Please prepare any details and references for the commission form.

NSFW is an additional 40% of the original price.


During this commission I was tasked to draw a roblox character in the Monopoly style

Here are the references the client sent.





A fully rendered illustration.


Full Body

A fully rendered character.



A character rendered from the torso and up.



A character rendered from the bust.



A fully rendered vehicle, can be sci-fi.



A portrait of your pet.



A fully rendered weapon.



A simple sketch. For the sketch you get one revision.



A simple animation.